Feather Drawing on Soap Tops

     A couple of minutes to lightly pull a wooden skewer across the top surface of this soap  saved this test batch from being a total disappointment!  

Here's where we started:

and after just a few minutes we were here:

This short video clip shows you just how easy it is to add a little touch of dimension and visual interest to the top surface of your bars:

   I shot this video of Genie using a wooden skewer to 'draw' a design on the top surface of some freshly poured soap.   It was never intended to be shown to the public.    Don't be expecting to hear anything more than us muttering a word or two in the background.   

   Trying to see if this works will be a valuable lesson after spending almost 30 minutes to upload the 15 second video clip!   Can't tell if it works from the edit or previous blogger screens,  guess I'll have to go ahead and publish to find out....  (and sure hope I can delete it immediately afterwards:)


  1. testing new blog set up, testing, testing:)

  2. Works beautifully! Everybody loves a video.


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